von Wilhendorf



We have pups out of one of the World's leading producers V1 Hugh vom Eichenplatz, IPO3, Breed Surveyed and V-Iris von Wilhendorf, IPO1, Breed Surveyed. Not for decades has a male produced both the Youth Sieger and Siegerin at the World Sieger Show. Hugh produced them in 2016. We also have litters coming from North America's youngest VA Male Oakley von Wilhendorf, IPO3, Breed Surveyed with several top females.

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VA Lennox v Regina Pacis, SchH3, KKL1-a X V-Hollie v. Wilhendorf, SchH1, KKL1a.

Lennox was the youngest VA this year at the German Sieger Show and was last year's World Young Sieger.     Hollie was North American Senior Puppy Siegerin in 2010, North American Vice Siegerin in 2011, and Highest American Bred Young Female in 2011.   She is a Teejay daughter out of VA Mendy v Premutia.  This Litter is now Sold.

This Litter is now Sold.

#3The second is with Cassidy v Zicken-Haus, SchH1, KKl1a.  Cassidy is a daughter of top-producing Arko v Butjenter Land.   Here is an example of one of Cassidy's select daughters.

Several litters by 6X Sieger, 6X VA, 4X VA1 Teejay von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1a. 

#2 The first is with V-Paris von Wilhendorf, SchH1, KKL1a. This Litter is now Sold.  

Paris is a Performance Award winner for North America and a TOP producer.  This very combination has produced several TOP dogs, including VA3 Quizno v. Wilhendorf.   This is a rare opportunity to own a pup by a proven VA-producing combination.

Multiple V1 Shannon von Wilhendorf, IPO2, KKLa is bred to the one and only VA Omen v Radhaus, IPO3, KKLa.   Shannon is a full sister to VA Scarlett out of Teejay.   BOTH sisters are Performance Award winners, showing the Working Strength in the line.    Omen is, simply stated, as correctly structured as any dog on the planet.      He is VA in Germany and moving up each year.  



(VA2 FR) Omen v. Radhaus x Shannon v Wilhendorf

VA Rhett v Wilhendorf x Bischke von Wilhendorf

VA Bischke v. Wilhendorf, SchH2, KKL1 is awaiting a litter by VA2 Rhett von Wilhendorf, IPO2, KKLa.    Bischke is no stranger to success.  She was North American Puppy Siegerin,  then North American Youth Siegerin, and then Excellent-Select (VA).    She is a Teejay daughter out of Faberge v. Wilhendorf.    Rhett is V31 in Germany at 27 Months and VA2 in North America at 28 months!  


V2 Iago von Wilhendorf, IPO1, Angekoert.   Direct Son of the greatest male producer on Earth, 2X VA1 World Sieger Remo v. Fichtenschlag and top producing Destiny v Wilhendorf  bred to Exceptional Producer V1 Frenzi von Grafenstein, SchH2, KKL1a,  Mother of SG7 and North American Young Siegerin Electra v. Wilhendorf.     


V2 Iago v Wilhendorf x Destiny von Wilhendorf

Iago is SG1 North American Youth Sieger, German Regional Youth Sieger,  Son of World Sieger Remo that encompasses the correct medium size and is pronounced in Courage Test at both German and North American Sieger Shows at 27 months.  


V1- Frenzi v Grafenstein, SchH2, KKl1 X V2: #2 in USA and North America in her class. 

V2 Iago von Wilhendorf, SchH2, KKl1

SG7 Electra Wilhendorf, IPO1, Angek.

V2 Iago von Wilhendorf, SchH2, KKl1

#1 in North America and #7 in the World Electra v. Wilhendorf, IPO1, Breed Surveyed is also bred to V2 Iago von Wilhendorf. THIS LITTER IS SOLD.

We are also awaiting a litter by V1 Maffay v Quartier Latin, V24 at the German Sieger Show with a 4/4 Protection rating. Our own VA Shannon v. Wilhendorf is in whelp to Maffay. He has become a very popular stud with some of Germany's top kennels because of his alternative pedigree and masculine, strong attributes. Shannon is not only a VA female, but is a TWO TIME protection award winner in her two North American Sieger Shows. She also came out of nowhere to place in the Best ring at the German Sieger Show in 2013.


We look very forward to our litter with Willas and Vice Siegerin, German SG9, German Regional Siegerin, V1, Sieger Show in Germany V18 Josie v. Wilhendorf.


VA Kronos v Nurburgring X VA Shannon von Wilhendorf IPO2, KKL1.   

Both protection award winners.  


V1- Frenzi v Grafenstein, SchH2, KKl1 X V2: #2 in USA and North America in her class. 

VA1 Omen v Radhaus SchH3, KKL1

#1 dog in the world and top producer.

VA1 UK top producing male Zeus Bierstaedter Hof, IPO3 and Exi von Wilhendorf IPO1. Exi was the Highest Rated American female at the 2015 German Sieger Show in a toughly contested class.