Von Wilhendorf
We are THRILLED to announce that our Quizno has been awarded VA3 at the USA Sieger Show as only a 2 year old under Herr Hans-Joachim Dux!    Quizno was awarded this wonderful place due to his fantastic anatomy and OUTSTANDING protection routine, which was lauded by many as the best, including Mr. Dux!   
Quizno is a top son of his illustrious father, 4x VA1 Teejay von Wilhendorf... the only dog in the history of the American German Shepherd dog scene to make the coveted sieger position four times... in a row!!!
Quizno has finished his Sch H1 at the earliest possible age and proudly stands at stud with his great father. He was also SG3 in the 18-24 months males class in the USA sieger show under Herr Klaus Goethe.
Please be sure to check out updates on Quizno’s upcoming litters from top quality females.
VA1 Teejay von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1a-normal (hips and elbows) (ZW=64), the first US-bred Male EVER to make USA and North American Sieger! 
Teejay is rewriting the history books in North America
He was the first dog to make USA and North American Youth Sieger
SG21 in Germany
The youngest  male EVER to make VA (2Yrs and 6 days) in the USA
V26 in Germany as only a two year old
VA3 and Highest Rated American-bred Male at the 2006 NASS
***VA1!!!   The first American-bred Male EVER to make USA Sieger at the 2007 Sieger Show***
V1 in Germany under National Breed Warden Reinhardt Meyer in the strictest competition.
***VA1!!!  North American Sieger,  2007!!!   
America’s #1 producer.    Teejay had the largest,  most diverse, and most successful progeny group at BOTH the USA and North American Sieger Shows.   
FIVE Progeny that made Vice Sieger at the 2007 USA Sieger Show
Teejay was the ONLY Sire at the 2007 NASS with TWO Class Siegers
Teejay is also the FIRST 3 yr old EVER to make USA and North American Sieger in the same year.   
Winner of Multiple Regional and Local Sieger titles, where he remains undefeated in North America at ALL levels.
Wilhendorf has long been known for our males.   In fact,  we have the 5 highest Working Dog Placements in history for American-bred Males at the World Sieger Show in Germany!
V13 Lars von Wilhendorf-1998 
V18 Lars von Wilhendorf-1997
V26 Teejay von Wilhendorf-2006
V32 Rykerr von Wilhendorf-2000
V56 Rykerr von Wilhendorf-1999
Currently Standing at stud... (Please click on the names BELOW to open page)
4 x VA1 Teejay von Wilhendorfteejay.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
VA3 (NASS) DANNY VON WILHENDORF, Schh3 KKl1 - (a normal hips & elbows)danny.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

(Breed Surveyed under Herr Meyer)

VP1 - Herr Teubert

VP1 - USA 9-12 Month Sieger- Herr Gothe

SG1 - Germany-Herr Knaul

SG1 - North American Youth Sieger-Herr Schweikert

SG1 - National Breed Warden Herr R.Meyer

SG1 - USA Young Dog Sieger- Herr Dux

SG1 - Germany- Herr Knaul

Owned by Van Dukeman.   Contact John Henkel (Wilhendorf@aol.com)

VA3 (USCA)  Quizno von Wilhendorf , SCHH3 KKl1 - (a normal hips & elbows)quizno.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
Spitzen V Jackson von Wilhendorf
Spitzen V Jackson von Wilhendorf, SchH1, KKL1-a(normal).

Jackson is the 2007 USA Youth Sieger!    His sire is multiple VA Stanley des Collines du Boischaut,  out of the great Dux della Valcuvia and one of the World’s top producing females,  Lana du Val D’Anzin!     Jackson’s mother is the famed VA Perle aus Agrigento.   Perle,  who placed SG5 in Germany is one of the highest-placing females EVER imported into the USA.
North American Vice Sieger VA2 Rhett von Wilhendorf, IPO2, KKL1a(normal hips and elbows).   Vice Sieger at only 29 months.  V31 in Germany at only 27 months.   North American Youth Sieger.

Sire:  SG3 Wegas v Fichtenschlag, SchH3, KKL1a (VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard son)
Dam:  V1 Sienna von Wilhendorf, SchH2, KKL1a (VA1 Teejay v.Wilhendorf daughter)
VA2 (NASS) Rhett von Wilhendorfrhett.htmlshapeimage_17_link_0