This page encases The Testimonials from our customers.

Hi John, Just a quick update about the best little girl!!!! Logan is doing well and is healthy and happy.  We start classes again next week, as we both need it. It has been a terribly long year since Norm has died, and I guess it's time to start trying to get our lives back on tract. You should be receiving an inquiry as the trainer we used called for a client who wanted to know where I got my little girl from, gave them your email and number.  I have thought about another too, but it was only in my very weakest moments!!! Look at my 2 yr old.

Take care and thank you for one of the best gifts that life has given me.


Umberto's doing well...he's so great.  everybody loves him...up until a month ago he came with me to the nursing home.  we've been training for his bh.  the trial is in may, wish him luck!  it's so much fun, and i'm so excited :)

Donna, New Jersey; Owner of Umberto von Wilhendorf.

John, we couldn’t be happier with Brunno. He is 100% in all regards. Awesome disposition and took to his new environment very well. He has interacted with the cat another dog, donkeys, horses and family members all with great results. Attached are a few shots taken today at the ranch. When I climbed on our bucket loader he kept trying to jump up to join me in the cockpit while taking a delivery of horse feed. I couldn’t say no and he sat behind me while I operated it around the ranch for nearly an hour. He sat on top of the hay bails while I cleaned horse stalls and is as good indoors as outdoors. He listens very well and loves truck rides. He is exactly what we were looking for. An excellent and welcome new member to our family. The hole that Lemarr left in our home a month an a half ago is now filled in just 1 day.

Thank you…

Hugh M.   Flower Mound, Tx.

I really can not thank you enough John for all you have helped us with, these dogs are truly wonderful.                     Thank you   -  Sonya P.

Fritz is great; As shown by his 2nd place standing in AKC obedience, he was trained for this event solely by my 11 year old daughter. He is all that we were looking for and more.


If everyone could feel this kind of love and happiness, the world would be a kinder place...

Thanks for making all this happen for so many people including me.



He is the QUINTESSENTIAL German Shepherd. He is obedient, happy, gentle, protective (when appropriate), intelligent, thoughtful, soulful, deep-hearted, intuitive, absolutely gorgeous, and just brings pure joy to everyone in my life. 


Just put from S.S.,   New York, NY

John -

I thought you might appreciate a few of the pictures I took this afternoon. A very good friend of ours has a profoundly Downs Syndrome child who met Brando and Timmi this afternoon for the very first time. It is a statement of the clearness of head, balanced temperment and warmth of heart of a Wilhendorf dog. As you know, our dogs have not had much exposure to children, let alone those with handicaps. It was beautiful to watch as they all shared the experience. A well deserved compliment from their father and from Carol and me. Thanks for what you do.............

J and Carol

This is Ava.  She is our newest daughter.  As you can see, Stephen and Rebecca are beside themselves with her.  They want to be underneath her ALL the time.  I understand though, I'm not much better.  :-)  She is so smart and so good with the kids and Gimpy.  Although she has only been with us for a couple of weeks, we couldn't imagine her not being here. 

In fact, I am putting her through therapy training in order to take her wherever we go and not have to leave her behind.  :-)  We have started the training already and she is doing great.  On the first night, she learned sit and watch. 

Ok...Ok...I know I sound like a bragging momma....but, I can't help it! 

Katherine S. in Tennessee. 

Hi John,

I recently took a few more pictures. I'll just keep sending them here and there and let me know what you think of him and how he is turning out. I love to hear what you think as much as you probably like to see him grow!  

Cheers, Nancy

Hi John, Clem in retirement as a pet!

He is a Magnificent companion.

We’re grateful.

Happy Holidays.

David M., Boston, Ma. 

This is Safira on her first day in the snow. As you can see she is all about taking a hold and hanging on.  Life is good- Karen. 

Karen S.  Manitoba

Hi John, Words cannot express how grateful we are for your kindness. It's very rare to have such a friend like you, let alone a breeder.The two boys are thriving and Yvone is trying to be a good mom! Again, thank you so much for your support every step of the way. 

Anvar and Alice

You have NO IDEA what a blessing Ruby has been in my life.  I am more bonded with her than any dog I have ever had in my life!  She is doing fantastic..."

Angela D., Connecticut

Just returned from Arizona for 6 weeks.  she is such a wonderful traveler!  she is the best thing in my life and I don't know what I would ever do without her.  She has really come in to her own over the past several months.  She is smart & beautiful!

I was certainly blessed to have had her come into my life, so I thank you MUCH!

Pat, New York

Hi John, 

Ranger is growing, chewing, biting, and generally very much enjoying life.  He is super smart and has been housetrained for weeks now.  The red coloring is showing up more each day and he is absolutely gorgeous. 

Dave and Susan

"SUPER PUPPY!" from L.D.,  Greenwich, Ct. and NY, NY.  

Hey John,

I Can’t tell you what a great dog he is... he goes with me everywhere!

Clay E. Orlando, Florida

Teejay sons Elton von Wilhendorf and Gundo v Globalhaus with Owner/Handler Joyce Falzarano, successfully completing their BH's (Companion Dog Degree). 

John - Today marks the one year anniversary of Tyra and Kendall joining our family. Words can't express how much joy they have brought us. They are the smartest, loving and obedient dogs (and SO much more!!) I really just want say a huge thank you to you John for your professionalism and knowledge helping us train them this past year. You always answered any questions i had (and I know there was ALOT of them) we could not have done it without you!! John and I look forward to someday more dogs from von Wilhendorf because they are the only dogs we will ever have.        Thank you for my beautiful girls.  Sonya P, CT

Just wanted to give you an update on Trooper. He has been GREAT! He sleeps through the night, does not whine in his crate at home or in the car. He is picking up on some of the commands and walks on the leash better than some of the grown up dogs in our neighborhood.



Things are going incredibly well with Zak. Already sits, stands & lies down on command. Very affectionate and social. A total joy. Thank you. 

Zak has brought out more spark in Logan. In the beginning, Logan "tolerated" him. Now Logan is starting to take a real shining to him. I imagine they will be best buddies within the next 3 months. 

KR, Simsbury, Ct.


We had a great trip and Trooper was well a trooper! He slept in the crate the entire time we drove and took up swimming right away at the cabin. The area around us was very open and he stayed by the cabin the entire time. He is a up to 34 pounds now and keeping me busy. 

Stephanie S.,  New York

"John, We love this little guy so much!   Nothing bothers him,  not even Ethan (our horse)."   

Kathy W.  

Subject: Sigmund

Sigmund is doing great, excellent temperment. He loves everyone he meets, so friendly with people & other dogs both big and small. He is doing great in puppy kindergarten one night a week. He will need a brother when he is 2-3 yrs old.  Thank you soooo much, he is amazing. 

A.F., Ct.  

Wanted to send you some pictures of Zeppelin...he is such a great dog. Out of the three dogs we have purchased from your family he is by far the smartest and the most loving. We love him. I hope all is well.

From J.C.,  New Fairfield, Ct.

Kieran is fantastic. Last weekend we took her to 2 parties, one of which had 45 guests and 2 loose dogs. She took it all in stride. She gets more beautiful and affectionate every day.

She is definitely a tribute to the success of what you do, not only physically, but in disposition as well. We feel very fortunate to have her.

From Neil J.    California.  

We love her so much, she has a great personality and is part of the family already! she is very playful and has a great temperament.she gets along great with everyone!    BK,  Brick, NJ

"He's growing fast and everybody just loves him",  from CD and JD,  Connecticut.

Hi John, "Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Amsel and Andreas (Rommel)....  They are just the most wonderful loving dogs you could ever want. I think Rommel looks like his dad Teejay."   M. R. Virginia

Hi John:

Just wanted to send this along so you can see how my daughter and her new "brother" Berrin are doing these days.  He is a geat dog and Lauren has really bonded with him.

As I mentioned to you this summer when we up to see you, my daughter was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome 1 1/2 yrs ago and we thought a german shepherd would make an excellent companion for her (since she is an only child).  What has been a pleasant surprise is that since purchasing Berrin, (my daughter's) Tourette's

episodes (tics, etc) have decreased by about 70%!!  Needless to say Berrin is worth his weight in gold for this reason alone.

Hope you are well.  Take care and thanks again for Berrin!

T.D.,  Massachusetts

"Dear John,

Just wanted to let you know how happy my wife and I are with our new new puppy Zara that we purchased from you on 7/13/2010.  We have owned shepherds for over 20 years from several different breeders.  I would say that we are experienced shepherd owners.

Zara is one of the most beautiful dogs that we have ever seen.  Her markings and coloring are perfect.  Everyone that sees her remarks on how gorgeous she is.  Our veterinarian actually wants to steal her !  Her disposition is

remarkable.  From the minute we brought her home, she immediately adapted to our family and our other dog, Diesel, a 110 pound Rottweiler !  They are the best of friends and cannot be without one another.

Her training is coming along quite well.  She already walks on a lead and knows sit, stay, down even at just 5 months old.

The pictures that I previously sent to you were from the day we picked her up until 10/11/2010.

It was a pleasure dealing with you and I highly recommend you and your dogs to anyone interested in a wonderful German Shepherd.  Thanks again for everything.

Doug & Jil P.

North Brunswick, NJ"

Hey John! The puppy we got from you is adorable and she is amazing! Her name is Riley and I thought you might want to see a photo of her.

M.A.,   NY, NY and Lakeville, Ct.

Hi John, These are about a month old but showing proud boys with their dog up in the Berkshires.  I'll have to send you some city pics soon.  Max is a celebrity in downtown Manhattan.  He literally stops traffic.Hope to be up for training soon. Best, TSC

Hello John,I hope you are doing well and congratulations on your kennel's success at the 2010 NASS.  I wanted to tell you that Jersey  is doing great and we are so thankful to have her.  All of our family and friends think she is absolutely beautiful and so well behaved for a young dog.Thank you again and Merry Christmas to your family!

LV, New York, NY and New Jersey


Hello John,

We are having a ball with Kodiak, he is a great dog and we are very happy we decided to get him from you.  He is exactly what we wanted, a real “dog”, loves to play and get dirty.  

These pictures were taken today, pretty much his 5 month birthday. We think he is just gorgeous, and that he looks a lot like Teejay in the face.  He seems to have a very similar mouth, and his body is developing a lot like Teejay’s too.  

Thanks again John, We will keep in touch.

Please feel free to use these shots on your sight if you like, we are very proud of our boy.

P.T. and Family, Montville NJ


In the attached photos are the two 'sheps' in the back seat with wife Judy

riding shotgun. Brunno is teaching Xennia its 'cool' to ride in the muscle car. As with Brunno (Brunno Von Wilhendorf) , Xennia (V Xtra Von Godalis) has all the intelligence and great temperament that you promised she would have. They are both 'ultra-dogs'. There has never been a snarl or a moment of unwillingness to share space, food or a toy between them.


To their masters one command whether spoken or hand signaled is met with their attention and obedience.  It is gratifying to experience them both responding to the same command when they are together. One would think that these two dogs have been together all their lives. Xennia was the exact addition to our family we were looking for and is a great companion for Brunno who we have cherished for the past 3 years. They are superb! Thank you for helping us make the right choice in selecting a GSD once again..

HB Dallas, Tx. 

"Xennia joins Brunno von Wilhendorf in the home they'll share in Dallas, Tx." 

Hi John -  Well, today marks three years since we brought our girls home.

NEVER could I have imagined how much joy they would bring into my life! Thank you for my beautiful dogs. Also, thanks for all your wisdom and guidance, not to mention your friendship as well.

SP, Connecticut.

Honestly John- this little man is so extraordinary. Super smart and loves everyone. I am sooooo happy. So happy. 9 weeks old. He sits, stays and learns in split second time. Not much he can't do! From ZVH.   Vermont.

Thoughts on Ronin:

“Ever since Ronin came into our lives, we are a changed family...for the better!  Thank you for giving us the love of our lives!!!

His incredible temperament, his hilarious personality, and his handsome face are just a few of the things we love about Ronin...so smart, so loyal, so dedicated to his family.  Thank you John for bringing us the love of our lives!” -JP & CP, NY.

Dear John,

We are thrilled to hear from you. Niki has won everyone's heart. I walk with her through the city with confidence. She loves other dogs and plays happily in Central Park with them. Ofcourse she and I also walk in the woods and fields in Ct. She loves kids and we could not be happier. Please come visit.We are waiting to do our K9 Nosework. We compete in level 3 which is the top level. -L.D.,  Greenwich, Ct. and NY, NY

Dear John,  My family and I owe a debt of gratitude to you and your family that we will never be able to repay: we had 14 and a quarter glorious years with the most magnificent canine companion I have ever known. He was everything I ever dreamed of in a GSD and then some: compassionate, incredibly bright, handsome, protective when necessary, fun, sweet, tender and downright gorgeous. Simply the most noble soul I have ever known. He welcomed every friend we had in our home, even 'guided' my in-laws when they were in their 90s (he would walk by their side to offer stability, although we never taught him to do so), and he embraced the rest of my animal family: a total over his lifetime of 11 house rabbits, 1 african grey parrot and two indoor cats. He loved each and every one: he was both their shepherd and best friend, just as he was my protector and best friend. Thank you for this most beloved boy of my life. My life and our lives will never be complete without von Wilhendorf dogs at our side.

Sincerely, E.L.D, Skillman, NJ

Dear John, It has been a long and difficult year in many ways but having our new friend Rainer von Wilhendorf by our side has made a world of difference.  He brings so much joy to our household.  We can’t thank you enough.  Brad says all the time there couldn’t possibly be a more affectionate dog.  He is the chief greeter, waker-upper, playmate, and all around best friend. S.M. and Family, Massachusetts

Happy Birthday to my most beautiful blessing, Ruby! I can't believe my girl is 9 years old today...time goes by way too fast. I never imagined I could ever find such a loyal, affectionate, beautiful companion that has brought unspeakable joy into my life! 

"John, attached are pictures from this morning of Vivienne (my daughter) and Zoya.  She has become such an awesome, loving, gentle dog with Vivienne.  I had a few GSDs growing up but never experienced one quite this amazing.  The bond between these two is such a blessing to see.  Thank you!"  Todd B.,  Rowayton, Ct.