von Wilhendorf
We Believe

If you believe in many of the same things that we do,  you may be the perfect candidate to join the Wilhendorf family!

*In breeding according to the standards established by the S.V. (Schaeferhund Verein in Germany) and the W.U.S.V. (World Union of Shepherd Dog Clubs)

*That the German Shepherd MUST be part of a family and not solely kennel dogs.   We live with our dogs,  take them to our children’s sports events, hike with them daily,  travel with them,  and LOVE them.   They are happiest when they are in the house. 

*That balance of character is crucial to this breed.   We want our dogs to be settled in the house, able to relax with our family,   yet ready to go as soon as the action begins.  

*That Working Dog titles are mandatory in proving a dog’s breed worthiness as according to the S.V. and F.C.I.   

*That excellence on the trial field and in the show ring need NOT be mutually exclusive of one another.

*That dogs must be certified as healthy in their hips and elbows in order to be bred.  

*In proving our dogs’ virtues in competition.    Anyone can say they are the best.   Proving it perennially in competition is something entirely different.   

*That it takes generations of learning and breeding to establish a mother line.   This is integral in breeding outstanding German Shepherd Dogs.  

*That the finest puppies are available to North American buyers  right here in North America.   The best puppies from German litters are almost NEVER sold to America. Statistics support this fact.  

*That a breeding program should be evaluated by the achievement of it’s dogs, not by the prettiness of its website or the slickness of it’s marketing campaign.

*That exemplary competition records and decades of satisfied  customers prove excellence,  not how high up the list on search engines a kennel appears.  

*That it takes a team to succeed in German Shepherd Dogs.   Without the talents and dedication of so many friends and their families,  we could never have achieved such success over these decades.   We are so thankful to all those that have worked with us.

*That we are about to enter our most exciting times as a kennel,  based on our record-setting accomplishments this past couple of years.

*The winners of ALL PUPPY CLASSES in the USA & North American Sieger Shows were won by North-American Bred Puppies!

Wilhendorf winning the Kennel Group at the 2003 USA Sieger Show in Bakersfield,  Ca

Wilhendorf showing off the Teejay progeny Group at the 2007 WDA Sieger Show in St Louis.

Wilhendorf showing off the Teejay progeny Group at the 2008 USA Sieger Show in San Jose, CA.

* That we should be flattered that many kennels use our name but we want you to remember that there is ONLY ONE WILHENDORF!