Von Wilhendorf
VA3  DANNY von Wilhendorf , SCHH3, KKl1 - (a normal hips & elbows)

SG1-Danny von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1-a (normal hips and elbows) ZW: 73.

(Breed Surveyed under Herr Meyer)

VP1- Herr Teubert

VP1- USA 9-12 Month Sieger- Herr Gothe

SG1- Germany-Herr Knaul

SG1- North American Youth Sieger-Herr Schweikert

SG1- National Breed Warden Herr R.Meyer

SG1- USA Young Dog Sieger- Herr Dux

SG1- Germany- Herr Knaul

VA3- NASS 2009- Herr Hans Ludger Goeke

Owned by Van Dukeman.   Contact John Henkel

Danny’s Koer Report (Herr R. Meyer)

II.  "Large, Strong, substantial.  High wither, straight back, good length and position of the croup.   Very good angulation (front and rear) and chest proportions.  Straight front.  Moves correct and straight, powerful rear drive and free front reach.  Solid character, TSB pronounced; does release" 

V.  "Very well pigmented, correctly built male."