Von Wilhendorf
When he is not off to the bitework field, or scorching the show rings or fulfilling his obligations to the select few dames that are let through his path, Teejay is Erika’s infamous lap dog! So all you Chi Hua Hua fanciers, watchout, because the ultimate lap dog has arrived; bound to charm all the ladies and keep the bad guys running! Two parting words; Teejay Rocks!!!
VA1 Teejay von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1a-normal (hips and elbows) (ZW=64), the first US-bred Male EVER to make USA and North American Sieger! 
Teejay is rewriting the history books in North America
He was the first dog to make USA and North American Youth Sieger
SG21 in Germany
The youngest  male EVER to make VA (2 Yrs and 6 days) in the USA.
V26 in Germany as only a two year old.
VA3 and Highest Rated American-bred Male at the 2006 NASS.
***VA1!!!   The first American-bred Male EVER to make USA Sieger at the 2007 Sieger Show***
V1 in Germany under National Breed Warden Reinhardt Meyer in the strictest competition.
***VA1!!!  North American Sieger,  2007!!!   
America’s #1 producer.    Teejay had the largest,  most diverse, and most successful progeny group at BOTH the USA and North American Sieger Shows.   
FIVE Progeny that made Vice Sieger at the 2007 USA Sieger Show.
Teejay was the ONLY Sire at the 2007 NASS with TWO Class Siegers.
Teejay is also the FIRST 3 yr old EVER to make USA and North American Sieger in the same year.   
Winner of Multiple Regional and Local Sieger titles, where he remains undefeated in North America at ALL levels.     


GSD Insider writes, “ VA1 Teejay Wilhendorf: The most successful American bred dog in History. VA1 USA & VA1 NASS in the same calender year 2007... Truely a Stunner, and a wonderful progency group too: Duely Impressive!”

German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Newsletter from Jan/Feb 2007 says, “A special trophy award was donated for the Highest Placing American-Bred Male and for the Highest Placing American-Bred Female (at the 2006 NASS)…and both were won by John (E.) Henkel for VA7 Della von Wilhendorf and VA3 Teejay von Wilhendorf.  Congratulations!   This is quite and accomplishment.”   

Teejay is available to Breed Surveyed females of appropriate phenotype and genotype with owners serious about promoting the best progeny from the litter.   Please feel free to contact John E Henkel with inquiries.
Teejay Progeny Group- USA SIEGER SHOW 2007.
Teejay is a son of former World-Young Dog Sieger and then VA5 Nero v Noebachtal and V1 USA Youth Siegerin Isys von Wilhendorf, SchH1, KKL1a.   
Here’s what’s being said about Teejay:
Schutzhund USA Magazine’s November/December issue states on it’s cover,  “Impressed  by the quality of the Working Class Males,  judge Franz-Peter Knaul awarded for the first time in the USA organization’s history,  the Sieger title to a USA-bred dog”.
Teejay Progeny Group- WDA NASS - 2007.
Teejay Progeny Group- USA Sieger show - 2008.

At the USA 2008 sieger show held in San Jose, Teejay von Wilhendorf presented a progeny group of high quality animals and having 2 class Siegers and 3 Vice Siegers in his progeny group,  a perfect critique, and no placement lower than 4th in any class that his progeny was in. 

Teejay repeated the feat at the NASS 2008 where again he had the maximum percentage and number of winning progeny in every single class it was entered in!

Teejay posing after his third sieger title at the usa sieger show 2008.
Teejay Progeny Group- WDA NASS - 2008.
Teejay in the fast gait in the WDA-NASS 2007.