Von Wilhendorf


At Wilhendorf, we feel that there is no greater asset to a breeding program than it's females.   We are sure that there is no kennel anywhere breeding more top 20 and VA females than we are.  This is the basis for our breeding and will be the key to our future success.   

We are so proud to have you view our distinguished ladies!

V1 Josie voN WILHENDORF (Schh2 kkl1)

(V1 Digger v Elzmuendungsraum, SchH3, KKL1a  X  V-Olivea von Wilhendorf, SchH3).  

V2 behind Jacci Eichenplatz under Herr Torsten Kopp
V1 in Germany in a class of 25 females ; Herr Wilfred Scheld
SG9 BSZS 2009: Herr Hans-Jürgen Begier.
SG1 LG 20 Am Krummenhaeger See: Herr Hans-Jürgen Begier.
SG2 LG 09 Kassel: Herr Hans-Jürgen Begier.
SG1 OG Karsdorf: Herr Jürgen Hoffmann.
VP1 NASS 2008 : Herr Richard Brausch.


A Top daughter of VA1 Teejay v Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1a.
SG59 BSZS 2009: Herr Johann Meyer

V1 Ophelia von Wilhendorf, SchH2, KKL1a(normal).  Ophelia was USA Youth Siegerin and North American Young Dog Siegerin!    She has been many time SG1 an V1 in the USA and North American Competitions.   Ophelia is a daughter of VA Solo von Frutetto and V1 Werrala aus Agrigento,   the sister to VA Whitney and Elite Producer Wallace aus Agrigento.  

VA Ophelia von Wilhendorf

VA6 Rhapsody von Wilhendorf

“VA6 was Rhapsody Wilhendorf, a female that I liked very much. This excellent daughter of Alex Farbenspiel & Tyra Wilhendorf gives us an opportunity to tap on the VA Scott Deodatus bloodline also coming over Connie Farbenspiel- Eros Luisenstrasse over the sire side.

The female had outstanding anatomy and and her expression was very keen with excellent ear placement- typical of Scott. She is line bred on Scott- 2-3.

She had very good bite work and moved like a charm. In my opinion, she should have placed higher.”- Quoted on the http://www.gsdinsider.net ONLINE MAGIZINE.

VA3 ScarLEtt voN WILHENDORF (Schh2 kkl1)

(VA1 teejay v Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1a  X  V-Nana Kaufungerwald, SchH!).  

Presenting our fabulous Teejay daughter and the next generation.

(Teejay v Wilhendorf x  Irmi v Emkendorfer Park.)

North American Puppy Siegerin Olive von Wilhendorf