Von Wilhendorf


At Wilhendorf, we feel that there is no greater asset to a breeding program than it's females.   We are sure that there is no kennel anywhere breeding more top 20 and VA females than we are.  This is the basis for our breeding and will be the key to our future success.   

We are so proud to have you view our distinguished ladies!

VA3 Fendi von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1a(normal).  Fendi was North American 9-12 Month Siegerin,   USA Young Dog Siegerin, 2X German Regional Siegerin,  SG16 in Germany even with no coat, V1 in Germany under National Breed Warden Leonhard Schweikert, many times V1 and Regional Siegerin in the USA and VA3 and Highest Rated American-Bred Female at the 2007 USA Sieger Show!    Fendi is out of 2X World Sieger Larus von Batu and North American Siegerin,  2X V3 at the German Sieger Show,  German Regional Siegerin Whitney aus Agrigento.  

VA Tyra von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1-a(normal).   Tyra was North American Young Dog Siegerin under current SV National Breed Warden Reinhardt Meyer.   She was also made SG17 in Germany!   She has made multiple V1 and Regional Siegerin.   Her career was culminated by her Canadian Vice Siegerin title.   Her daughter Rhapsody has been High "V'" rated.   Her daughter Conni is USA Vice Youth Siegerin and her son Clemenza is SG3 at the USA Sieger Show.  Tyra is a daughter of Wallace aus Agrigento and multiple VA Jicy de la Taspelmatt, V9 in Germany.

3 Time VA Della von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1a(normal).  Della was VA3 at the North American Sieger Show (NASS) in 2006, VA3 at the USA Sieger Show in 2006, and VA7 at the 2006 NASS.  She was the Highest Rated American-Bred Female at EACH of these Shows!   Della is owned by Haus Spreitler.   Della is out of VA Solo von Frutetto and Multiple VA Jade von Wilhendorf

V1 Xcel II von Wilhendorf, SchH2, KKL1-a(normal).   Xcel was USA Puppy Siegerin,  North American Puppy Siegerin, USA Youth Siegerin, multiple SG1 in Germany, Regional Young Dog Siegerin in Baden-Wurttemburg, SG12 in Germany with no coat!  Since then, she has been multiple V1 and Regional Siegerin the US,  V1 in Germany on several occasions.   Her production has been outstanding.   She is the mother of USA Youth Sieger Quint von Wilhendorf, North American Youth Sieger Magnus von Wilhendorf, SG25 in Germany and USA VA Alf von Wilhendorf, and USA Vice Puppy Sieger Starbuck von Wilhendorf.   Xcel is a daughter of Hoss v Laerchenhain and North American VA Liesa von Wilhendorf.  

V1 Reggae von Wilhendorf, SchH2, KKL1(OFA).    Reggae  has been V1 after making SG5 at the USA Sieger show while her sister Rita made Youth Siegerin.  Reggae has been V6 at the USA Sieger Show and always turns in one of the best Protection Performances of any dog, male or female at the Sieger Show.   The helpers of the 2006 USA Sieger Show gave her the award for best performance!    Reggae is a top producer out of 2X World Sieger Yasko v Farbenspiel and VA1 North American Siegerin Whitney aus Agrigento.   

VA3 Fendi von Wilhendorf (RETIRED)

VA Tyra von Wilhendorf

3 x VA Della von Wilhendorf

V1 Xcel II von Wilhendorf (RIP)

V1 Reggae von Wilhendorf (RETIRED)

V1 Faberge von Wilhendorf, SchH2, KKL1-a(f. normal).   Faberge has won many classes at all levels and is always one of the best females at the Sieger Shows in protection.   More importantly, she is the mother of 2007 NASS Puppy Siegerin and Sieger,  Bischka and Brunno von Wilhendorf.    "Fabi" is out of 2X World Sieger Larus v Batu and North American Siegerin Whitney aus Agrigento.  

V1 Faberge von Wilhendorf

(Above) Tyra in the stand; (Above Right) Trya and John at a dog show; (Below) Tyra demonstrating her fluent and expansive gait.

VA3 Mendy vom Premutia

“VA3 was Mendy vom Premutia, a daughter of Bravos Steffen Haus. This was my favorite to win the class. A 3 year old female, Mendy was a female of very good size, anatomy and movement. She had a very pleasing expression and a strong head. Coming over Esko Daenischen hof and Saber Steffen Haus over the sire line, confidence can be shown in this female’s producing abilities. She also did excellent bitework.” - Quoted on the http://www.gsdinsider.net ONLINE MAGIZINE.