von Wilhendorf
Wilhendorf’s pursuit of excellence at the BSZS 2012.

Wilhendorf again made history at the World Sieger Show, achieving unprecedented results for a North American Kennel.   We are so thankful to our team and supporters around the globe.   Mostly, we thank these amazing dogs, that will give everything that they have to us, asking only for love in return. 

We are proud to have achieved the following:

SG4 Ginger Zoee v. Wilhendorf,   LSH Jugend Class Females

SG7 Electra v. Wilhendorf, Junghund Class Females

SG17 Flicflac v. Wilhendorf, Jugend Females

SG25 Iago v. Wilhendorf, Jugend Males

SG51   Keanu v. Wilhendorf

V18 Josie v. Wilhendorf

V43 Yale v. Wilhendorf

V31 Rhett v. Wilhendorf

AND #6 Kennel Group in the World Competition!   

This ties our own record for highest placement set back in 1999 for the Highest EVER by a non-European Kennel.  

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