von Wilhendorf

The North American Sieger Show 2012 in Medinah, Illinois was a perfect cap for Wilhendorf's historical 2012.   After finishing 6th in the World,  a feat only achieved once before by a non-European kennel (also by Wilhendorf in 1999), Wilhendorf was  ready for North America's premier show. 

We won 5 out of 6 High-American Bred titles with the following placements:

*Lacey von Wilhendorf, SG4 as the youngest in the top group.

*Iago von Wilhendorf, Youth Sieger, SG1- Highest American Bred. Lago had been SG25 at the German Sieger Show.

*Electra von Wilhendorf and Flic Flac von Wilhendorf, Young Siegerin and Young Vice Siegerin.  These two females placed SG7 and SG17 in Germany, so we were proud to exhibit these world-class females here on North American soil.   The judge's critique included the comment, "These two females are in a class by themselves". 

*Batu von Wilhendorf, SG4 in the Young Male Class.   Congratulations for Charlie York for this outstanding performance. 

*Josie von Wilhedorf, VA3 and Highest American Bred Female.   Josie was also V18 in Germany!   Also, Yale von Wilhendorf (V43 in Germany) made V1.  She was in the VA's until the very last lap.   Mr. Setzer commented that she was the mother of the outstanding female that made Vice Young Siegerin.

*Rhett von Wilhendorf, V31 in Germany was ranked as NORTH AMERICAN VICE SIEGER,  VA2 at only 29 months! 

*Both Quizno and Shannon von Wilhendorf earned Performance Awards,  meaning that 20% percent of the awards went to 4X Sieger Teejay von WIlhendorf progeny!

Regarding Teejay, his progeny and grand-progeny placed:  Vice Sieger, Young Siegerin, Young Vice Siegerin, and Youth Sieger,  and V1.  This reconfirms his status as the most influential stud ever in the US. 

**Finally, Wilhendorf presented the exact same kennel group at NASS as the one the placed 6th in the World.  This group was awarded #1 in North America once again for the the 4th out of 5 years. ***

Thank you for all of your support in this historic 2012!

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