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We also won - show-leading FOUR younger classes!

Wilhendorf kennels has a history of excellence that remains unmatched in North America.  We have dominated competition like no other,   placing as the #1 Kennel at the USA Sieger Show (National Championship) at 12 Straight competitions.   We remain undefeated All-Time in USA Kennel Competitions.   No kennel will ever match this record of excellence.   Our dogs  have a tradition of achievement like no other.   We are the home of USA and North American Sieger VA1 Teejay von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1-a(normal hips and elbows),  the most successful male EVER bred in the USA.   Teejay is the first male ever bred in the US to win USA Sieger,    the first to win USA and North American Sieger,  and the first 3 year old EVER to win both titles.   He is also the reigning #1 producer in the USA and North American Sieger Shows,  having the largest and most successful progeny (offspring) groups at both competitions.     Teejay is rewriting the history books in North America.    Wilhendorf is also home of the reigning #1 American-bred female in the USA , VA3 Fendi von Wilhendorf, SchH3, KKL1a,   #1 Young Dog,  Youth Sieger SG1 Jackson von Wilhendorf,  North American Puppy Sieger, Brunno von Wilhendorf,  North American Puppy Siegerin Bischka von Wilhendorf, and once again #1 Kennel in the USA for 2007! These pages are glimpse into the dedication of our family to the German Shepherd Dog since the late 1950’s.  We hope you enjoy  meeting us,  our friends,  our team, and mostly, Von Wilhendorf Kennel’s German Shepherd Dogs.

Contact info for John E Henkel:
Cellular: 203-947-0264
email: wilhendorf@aol.com
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Wilhendorf has resounding success in the German Sieger Show.

Click BSZS 2012 to read all about our fruitful endeavor!

Our strength is in our breeding program. Click Litters to know how we are shaping the future of the German Shepherd Race here in North America.

We at von Wilhendorf kennels pride ourselves at possessing a top ensemble of progeny from studs with legendary pre-potency and a show career where they have won all that there is to be won. Progeny now available from 4xVA1 Teejay von Wilhendorf, VA Illiano vom Fichtenschlag, VA1 Omen vom Radhaus. Tyson is one of the highest rated and best producing sons of VA Quenn Loeher Weg, Ustinov is one of the youngest and best sons of VA Quantum Arminius, Xerxes is a super 2 x VA1 Vegas son and VA Danny is the youngest VA son of Teejay. 

Click to see some more famous studs we have bred to.Litters.htmlLitters.htmlfamous_studs.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2


We have several exceptional quality pups available to the discerning buyer.

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NASS ’13     NASS ‘12     BSZS ‘12     NASS ‘11     NASS ‘10    NASS ‘09    NASS ‘08


#1 in North America for 2012, 2013 at the Kennel Competition & #6 in the World. 

Read about von Wilhendorf’s achievements at the North American Sieger Show 2012 in Chicago.nass2012.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0

This group received a record 5 VA's and 4 Protection Awards!

Wilhendorf #1 kennel in North America again for 2013!
Read about our achievements at the North American Sieger Show ‘13.nass_2013.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0